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Available Services


Create and deliver strategies by collaborating with clients and medical professionals to help navigate complexity, address challenges, and achieve wellness goals. Collaborating with experts will involve personalized coaching, engagement practices, and online resources to help clients become more engaged in their health and make lasting healthy lifestyle changes, ultimately improving patient care. 

Community Outreach

The primary purpose of community health outreach programs is to offer services to educate residents on what resources are available to help them take control of their health. Events such as health summits, free health screenings, and 5k Runs will be held to further spread community health awareness. 

Peer Support Group

Monthly group sessions will be held to give clients an opportunity to come together and talk with one another about their experiences, struggles, and challenges.

Community Education

Community health promotion involves working with people to prevent, prepare for, and respond to health concerns so as to reduce health risks as well as educate and increase community awareness. Community participation will be the basis of successful health promotion. 

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