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Calandra Watkins is the founder of Conquering With Calandra. She is a single mother of two girls, Caliyah and Destiny. Calandra began dealing with kidney issues 19 years ago. Her kidney issues started with protein in her urine and uncontrollable high blood pressure. Inspired by her personal story and traumatic experiences, she began Conquering with Calandra in hopes to advocate healthy living. Calandra believes in encouraging, motivating, inspiring, and educating others to become consciously aware of their health. In addition to spreading awareness, she’s also currently developing sponsorship opportunities, partnerships with local health and fitness professionals, and a one-on-one support program called “peer buddy”. Calandra is a chronic kidney disease survivor and a transplant survivor as well. After two years of being on peritoneal dialysis treatment, she successfully received a kidney transplant on October 11, 2020. Calandra has compiled over three years of research to educate and potentially save lives. Calandra loves to show others that we have the power to conquer any obstacle. 

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